Key Facts

Key Facts of ProBioGen AG

"One-Stop Shop" from Cell Line Development up to GMP Manufacturing and Release-Testing of Biopharmaceutical Drug Substances.

State-of-the-art Services 

  • Contract Cell Line Development
  • Contract Process Development
  • Contract Manufacturing (GMP and non-GMP)
  • Protein analytics 
  • Cell-based assays


  • Proprietary AGE1 designer cell lines for vaccine and glycoprotein manufacturing 
  • GlymaxX® Elegant Glyco-Engineering to Boost the ADCC Activity of Antibodies
  • Pathway Modulator
  • Innovative Cell Based Assays
  • Human Artificial Lymph Node (HuALN) Technology Prediction of immune responses to drug candidates
  • CHO platform
  • Media platform
  • Continuously expanding patent portfolio

Project Management

  • Professional by dedicated project manager
  • Strictly adhering to timelines 
  • Strictly adhering to budget
  • Including regulatory support

Management Team

  • Wieland W. Wolf, PhD, CEO (President of the European Association of Pharma Biotechnology, ex‑Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH)
  • Volker Sandig, PhD, CSO (ex-Merck Inc.)
  • Rene Brecht, PhD, VP Process Science and Manufacturing
  • Gabriele Schneider, PhD, VP Business Development
  • Andrea Hauptmann, VP Finance & Administration


  • Founded in 1994 
  • Highly skilled staff; 106 employees
  • Located in Berlin, Germany
  • 3,600 sqm laboratory and office space
  • GMP unit based on disposable bioreactor technology 
  • Subsidiary company of Minapharm Pharmaceuticals SE, Egypt