ADC Conjugation

C-LiNK®: Site-Specific Enzymatic Antibody-Drug Conjugation

This technology is an efficient enzymatic protein conjugation technology to link varying payloads to the C-Terminus of antibody chains and other proteins in a site-specific fashion. It relies addition of an enzyme recognition sequence as short as 3 aminoacids to the C terminus of the protein. The enzyme, an engineered trypsin catalyses the formation of a covalent peptide bond with a short peptide carrying one or more drug molecules or other payloads. C-LiNK® works rapidly in a 1-step reaction at mild conditions and is universally applicable to any antibody, any drug

It is offered royalty-free as separate license or together with our cell line development or manufacturing services.

C-LiNK® Technology:

  • Site-directed, enzymatic protein conjugation technology to create ADC’s
  • Controllable drug antibody ratio (DAR)
  • Stable, covalent payload conjugation by short peptide linker
  • Efficient, rapid 1-step enzymatic conjugation under mild conditions
  • C-terminal linking: distant from antigen binding site
  • Full structural integrity and stability of the antibody, unaffected manufacturability
  • Universally applicable & flexible, any antibody, any drug, on heavy or light chain, or both
  • Broad use: for antibodies, Fab’s, or any other recombinant protein
  • Multiple drugs attachable to one site by modified linker
  • Multi-modal: different payloads attachable to different sites
  • POC studies up to full antibody GMP Production
  • Royalty-free business model, fully sublicenseable
Figure: ProBioGen’s Site-Specific Enzymatic ADC Conjugation Technology (C-LiNK®)