Media Platform

Chemically-Defined Medium Platform

Our chemically defined media family in conjunction with full ownership of the exact formulations serves as a key enabling platform technology for upstream manufacturing of biologics.  

This media platform provides the basis for an optimal design of metabolically and nutritionally balanced media, that perfectly matches clone requirements and maintains clone performance and stability. It supports all upstream process phases including transfection, selection, subcloning, banking and production of the different Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines (CHO-K1, CHO-DG44, CHO-S) generally used for recombinant protein production. Specific media and media combinations have been designed for virus production processes with our AGE1 cell lines (AGE1.CR, AGE1.CR PIX).

Our proprietary media formulations support the optimal utilization of energy sources with minimal side-production of harmful metabolic waste products. This optimal utilization of media components provides the cells with a consistent flow of energy to enable optimal cellular growth and protein synthesis and secretion rates which in turn result in a maximized integral of viable cell density (IVCD) and target protein titer.

The CHO cell culture optimization has led to peak viable cell densities of 2 E7 viable cells/ml and titers of 2-5 g/L for a wide range of glycoproteins along with desirable posttranslational modifications.

Our media are available as liquid ready-to-use or as highly soluble powder formulated media amenable to easy reconstitution and filtration through 0.1┬Ám membranes.

All of our media are formulated with single defined chemicals (serum-free, protein/peptone-free) and manufactured in compliance with the highest regulatory standards. Batch table records including Certificates of Suitability for all media components are available to fully satisfy regulatory documentation requirements. 

GMP-production processes for powders and liquid media have been implemented at two different qualified media producers to ensure supply chain independence for our clients.