Virusproduction System

AGE1 Designer Cell Lines: Vaccine Platform to Replace Primary Chicken Cells in Vaccine Production

Our designed cell lines, originating from the Muscovy Duck (AGE1.CR®) allow production of a wide spectrum of vaccine strains and viral vectors. An additional modification enhances the susceptibility and yield for some highly attenuated viruses (AGE1.CR.pIX®).

  • Directed immortalization according to the defined risk guidelines of the FDA
  • Entire development performed in a dedicated GMP suite
  • Master Cell Bank available
    • Extensively characterized according to EU and US guidelines
    • Free of adventitious agents and particle associated reverse transcriptase activity
    • Full documentation is available for source, cell history and raw materials
  • High yield, fully scalable and chemically-defined production processes for vaccine viruses established
  • Successful technology transfers and developments
  • Permissive for wide spectrum of animal and human viruses, including influenza and pox viruses
  • Customized packaging cell lines for replication-deficient vectors