Yield Enhancement

Pathway Modulator: Yield-Boosting Technology for Therapeutic Protein Production

The expression and secretion of heterologous proteins in non-polarized eukaryotic cells involve a complex system of several interacting processes. The productive capacity of pharmaceutical cell lines can be impaired at any stage of that multi-step process. While many cell engineering approaches use single enzymes and regulator proteins to achieve higher specific productivities they often compromise growth properties.

To address several potential productivity- and growth-relevant bottlenecks at once, ProBioGen investigated regulator proteins that are known for pleiotropic effects on cellular function and identified cdc42 as a key player of multiple cellular and transgene related pathways. We have shown that adjusted cdc42 expression repeatedly enhances the specific productivity of CHO-DG44, -K1 and other CHO boosting the titers of their desired proteins.

Our Pathway Modulator is effective regardless which strategy for cell line development is followed:

All approaches result in a yield-enhanced final producer clone.

Advantages of ProBioGen’s “Pathway Modulator Technology”:

Our Pathway Modulator Technology can be freely combined with the company’s GlymaxX® ADCC Enhancement Technology, our stable CHO Evaluation Platform or our Full Pharmaceutical CHO Expression & Media Platform.