We offer state-of-the-art contract development and manufacturing services, as well as access to proprietary cell lines for the manufacturing of therapeutic proteins and vaccines.

'From Gene to Market' – We provide our clients with tailor-made solutions: individual service packages, from cell line development and process science, up to complete manufacturing programs, accompanied by a range of physico-chemical analyses and activity assays.


  • External client workbench concept, open and regular communication, solution oriented 
  • Professional project management and dedicated specialist teams for each project 
  • Cutting-edge technology standards
  • Regulatory support 
  • Extensive network within the biopharmaceutical industry and academia

ProBioGen will be pleased to discuss with you possible options for your product development project. We have a well established reputation for our royalty-free, fee-for-service based cell line development services and our robust and economical manufacturing processes, including sophisticated product analyses and cell-based activity assays. We take great pride in our outstanding service quality, scientific excellence, and pragmatic problem-solving skills. We do our part to enable client success.