Imvaq Therapeutics signs a Service and Commercial Product License to use ProBioGen’s AGE1.CR® Vaccine Manufacturing Platform

Berlin, Germany and New York, USA, January 6, 2022:

ProBioGen AG is delighted to announce the execution of a service and commercial product license agreement with Imvaq Therapeutics, a biotech company developing innovative cancer immunotherapies. Under this agreement, ProBioGen develops a scalable process and granted Imvaq® a license to use ProBioGen's AGE1.CR.pIX cell line for the manufacturing of a MVA-based cancer immunotherapy candidate.

ProBioGen's duck suspension cell line AGE1.CR.pIX is designed to support industrial, GMP-compliant production of a wide variety of vaccine strains and viral vectors in different bioreactor formats in chemically-defined media. The cell line has been exhaustively tested against adventitious agents and vectors produced on AGE1.CR.pIX have been used in clinical trials.

Dr. John Choi, CEO of Imvaq said: "After an initial demonstration study, the AGE1.CR.pIX platform convinced us to engage ProBioGen for process development to initiate a rapid and scalable manufacturing process for our uniquely engineered cancer immunotherapy and to negotiate a commercial license of this outstanding platform."

Dr. Volker Sandig, Chief Scientific Officer at ProBioGen stated: "Yields and purity are important determinants for successful implementation of vaccines or virotherapeutics. The AGE1.CR.pIX cell line was shown to be highly permissive for innovatively designed vectors and we are pleased to complement Imvaq's novel cancer immunotherapy strategy with our manufacturing approach."


About ProBioGen

ProBioGen is a specialist in the development and manufacturing of complex therapeutic proteins.

The combination of ProBioGen's CHO.RiGHT® expression platform and state-of-the-art process development platforms, together with intelligent and innovative product-specific technologies yield biologics with optimized properties.

Rapid and integrated cell line and process development, comprehensive analytical development and robust GMP manufacturing is performed by a highly skilled and experienced team. All services and technologies are embedded in a total quality management system to assure compliance with international ISO and GMP standards (EMA/FDA).

ProBioGen has been operational for more than 25 years. At two locations in Berlin, more than 200 employees contribute to the creation of new therapies in medicine and groundbreaking innovations worldwide through their creative and meticulous work.

About Imvaq

Imvaq Therapeutics is an innovative cancer immunotherapy company. The company is developing novel viral-based, armed immune-stimulating therapies to treat a variety of metastatic solid tumors including skin cancers, sarcoma, as well as hard-to-treat tumors resistant to standard therapy.

ProBioGen Contact:

Dr. Gabriele Schneider
Chief Business Officer
+49 (0)30 3229 35 100

Imvaq Contact:

Dr. John Choi
Chief Executive Officer

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