ProBioGen And Eucodis Sign Agreement to Commercialize C-LiNK, A Novel Antibody Drug Conjugation Technology

Novel Enzymatic, 1-Step Site-Specific Protein Conjugation Technology for ADC Production

Berlin, Germany, and Vienna, Austria, 19 April 2016

ProBioGen, a leading specialist for contract development and manufacturing of complex glycoproteins and Eucodis Bioscience, an expert in enzyme engineering, today jointly announced the signature of an exclusive license agreement on C-LiNK (CTAT), an innovative, site-specific ADC conjugation technology. Under the agreement ProBioGen gains exclusive rights to commercialize Eucodis’ enzymatic C-terminal linking technology, and to offer it, together with its antibody development services, royalty-free to ADC-developing parties.

ProBioGen’s CEO, Dr. Wieland Wolf, commented: “This agreement is an excellent match between Eucodis’ enzyme engineering expertise and ProBioGen’s therapeutic protein-optimizing technologies and we look much forward to position C-LiNK and our contract manufacturing services right in the middle of the hot ADC field”.

Dr. Karl Hübler, CEO of Eucodis explained: “We see a huge potential for C-LiNK in Biopharma, especially in ADC development, but our expertise is engineering enzymes. Therefore, by teaming up with ProBioGen, our ADC conjugation technology will certainly get a much wider and quicker access to the community of therapeutic protein developing companies and we are convinced that our agreement with ProBioGen will result in fruitful collaborations within the industry.”

ProBioGen’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Volker Sandig, added: “This innovative ADC technology, which efficiently attaches any payload enzymatically via a pure peptide linker – as short as two amino acids –, blends perfectly into our portfolio of robust cell line/product engineering technologies and manufacturing capabilities. The 1-step C-LiNK coupling technology will further open up the development space for ADCs and represents a competitive alternative to other Antibody-Drug Conjugate Technologies. 

Dr. Jan Modregger, Eucodis’ Head of R&D stated: “Based on a trypsin variant engineered to enforce formation of a new peptide bond, our ADC conjugation technology links toxins or other molecules to the C-terminus of either antibody chain, without disturbing the native antibody structure. The outcome is a defined Drug-Antibody Ratio at high yield with low enzyme requirements and it offers on top the flexibility to add different payloads to separate sites in future ADCs.”

About C-LiNK – the Enzymatic C-Terminal Linking Technology

C-LiNK (CTAT) is an advantageous conjugation system which covalently links, by a specific 1 step enzymatic reaction, toxins, drugs, or other substances to the C terminus of an antibody or a recombinant protein. The C-LiNK enzyme targets a short recognition sequence of 3–4 amino acids fused to the C-terminus of the to-be-conjugated protein. It then cleaves this specific sequence and covalently links the drug molecule to the antibody by a transamidation reaction.

This directed conjugation approach is not interfering with the antibody’s antigen binding site, does not alter its integrity, or its manufacturability. The technology allows adjusting a defined drug-antibody ratio (DAR) and, by modifying the linker, attaching more than one drug per site, or inserting a specific cleavage site, if needed. C-LiNK for ADC creation is available as separate, royalty-free license through ProBioGen or in combination with cell line development and manufacturing packages.

About ProBioGen AG

ProBioGen is a specialist for developing and manufacturing complex therapeutic glycoproteins. Combining both state-of-the-art development platforms together with intelligent product-specific technologies yields biologics with optimized properties. Rapid and integrated cell line and process development, comprehensive analytical development and following reliable GMP manufacturing is performed by a highly skilled and experienced team. All services and technologies are embedded in a total quality management system to assure compliance with international ISO and GMP standards (EMA/FDA). ProBioGen was founded 1994, is privately owned and located in Berlin, Germany.

About Eucodis Bioscience GmbH

EUCODIS delivers high-performance enzyme solutions for highly specific applications in biopharma, fine chemicals, cosmetics and other industries. With a portfolio of over 50 enzymes including innovative lipases, beta-lactamases, peroxidases and other enzymes EUCODIS has a proven track record of providing customized enzyme solutions. EUCODIS also offers customized services in recombinant protein and enzyme production by covering the whole spectrum from bioprocess development up to industrial-scale manufacture of target proteins. EUCODIS is a privately owned company with its head quarter in Vienna, Austria.


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