ProBioGen Presents GlymaxX - The Novel Glyco-Engineering Technology

Berlin, Germany, 11 November 2010

ProBioGen announces the launch of its innovative Glyco-Engineering Technology "GlymaxX" for the generation of afucosylated antibodies with strongly increased potency. GlymaxX is a universally and rapidly applicable technology to enhance the ADCC effector function and thus strongly boosting the cell-killing capability of therapeutic antibodies.

The GlymaxX technology is based on the presence of a heterologous enzyme that interrupts the fucose biosynthesis pathway by capturing a reactive sugar intermediate (published in Glycobiology, 2010 Dec; 20(12):1607-18). As a unique feature, differentiating it from other approaches, the GlymaxX technology can be applied to already existing pharmaceutical antibody producer cell lines without altering their productivity.

The applicability and efficiency of the GlymaxX technology have been confirmed already in feasibility studies of several major European pharmaceutical corporations. The GlymaxX technology is available to interested parties under a license.


About ProBioGen’s GlymaxX Technology

ADCC (Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity) activity is an important antibody function mediating the selective killing of their target cells, e.g. cancerous or pathogen-infected cells. Several commercial anti-cancer and auto-immune antibody products rely on ADCC as a mechanism of action. ADCC enhancement increases the treatment effect, potentially even in previously non responding patients. It also may allow reducing the dosage, thereby lowering side effects and saving treatment costs.

ProBioGen’s GlymaxX Technology employs metabolic cell engineering to minimize the amount of fucose attached to antibody N-glycans. Low expression levels of the modifying enzyme are sufficient to achieve the full effect. The GlymaxX technology is simple, rapid and potent, and can be applied to any antibody producer cell line, irrespective of species origin.

ProBioGen offers flexible milestone-based business models, which can omit royalties.

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