ProBioGen’s Vaccine Production Cell Line AGE1.CR.pIX® Used for Clinical Production

Berlin, Germany – January 18, 2023

ProBioGen is announcing another important clinical milestone for its proprietary viral vector and vaccine production cell line AGE1.CRpIX®. Our valued customer Nouscom recently proclaimed that their sub-licensee, has initiated phase 1 clinical trials for VAC85135, a viral vector-based cancer vaccine for an oncologic indication. The MVA-based component of the vaccine was produced using ProBioGen's AGE1.CR.pIX.

The AGE1.CR.pIX cell line is derived from primary cells of a duck embryo and was designed to comply with health authority guidelines and the concept of "defined risk". It was developed as an alternative to the use of chicken eggs for large-scale vaccine production. The AGE1.CR.pIX cell line grows in true suspension and has been optimized for viral vaccine production and stability. It grows in a commercially available, chemically defined medium without animal components and is an excellent host for a variety of different virus strains.

Dr. Richard Davis, Chief Operating Officer at Nouscom said: "This represents the third clinical candidate Nouscom manufactured using ProBioGen's AGE1.CR.pIX technology platform, and we remain excited to see another program begin to generate clinical data."

"We extend our full support and congratulations to Nouscom about the start of the Phase I clinical trial and are pleased that our AGE1.CR.pIX cell line has supported the production of another promising clinical candidate. This fully characterized, robust, immortalized cell line enables streamlined manufacturing and product release, which is essential for vaccines", stated ProBioGen's Chief Business Officer, Dr. Gabriele Schneider.

About ProBioGen

ProBioGen is a Berlin-based specialist for developing and manufacturing complex therapeutic glycoproteins.

Combining both state-of-the-art development services, based on ProBioGen's CHO.RiGHT® expression and manufacturing platform, together with intelligent product-specific technologies yields biologics with optimized properties. Rapid and integrated cell line and process development, comprehensive analytical development and following reliable GMP manufacturing is performed by a highly skilled and experienced team. All services and technologies are embedded in a total quality management system to assure compliance with international ISO and GMP standards (EMA/FDA). ProBioGen has been operational for more than 25 years. At three locations in Berlin, nearly 300 employees contribute to the creation of new therapies in medicine and groundbreaking innovations worldwide through their creative and meticulous work.

ProBioGen's growth strategy is driven by the expansion of the service value chain through organic growth and potential acquisition. Diversification is a complement driver, while the focus is strict on enabling the development of biopharmaceuticals for tomorrow.

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ProBioGen Contact:

Dr. Gabriele Schneider
Chief Business Officer

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