Any Antibody, Any Drug: Site-specific Protein Conjugation With Our C-LiNK® ADCs

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are enhanced monoclonal antibodies which are linked to cell-killing agents and delivered into the cytoplasma of a target cancer cell. Unlike most other technologies, our site-directed C-LiNK® technology can attach multiple drugs individually targeted to one or more sites.

The C-LiNK technology creates a target site for an engineered enzyme by genetically extending the antibody’s C-terminus by a few amino acids. The matching amino acid linker sequence is attached to the payload. In a quick, enzymatic 1-step reaction a new peptide bond is catalyzed, to covalently link the C-terminus site to the specific payload. The short peptide linker ensures a stable conjugation. Linking payloads to the C-terminus, as distant as possible to the antigen binding sites, assures the antibody’s ability to find and bind to the identified target cells. Controlled drug/antibody ratio (DAR) guarantees optimal efficacy of the drug.

C-LiNK pilot studies are available for your payload of choice and your molecule.


  • Royalty-free; milestone based
  • Short production times
  • Can be integrated into our cell line development services

High flexibility:

  • Multiple drugs attachable to one site by modified linker
  • Multi-modal: different payloads attachable to different sites
ProBioGen’s site-specific enzymatic ADC conjugation technology (C-LiNK)
Figure: ProBioGen’s site-specific enzymatic ADC conjugation technology (C-LiNK)