Creating Premium Biosimilars – And Introducing Biobetters for Superior Results

Biologics have revolutionized the treatment of a number of severe diseases and thus given hope to countless patients. Your aim is to create a biosimilar that has the same properties as a successful biologic but is more affordable and hence available to even more patients. You need the process to be perfectly reliable for outstanding results and fast success. We can take you there.

For more than 10 years, we have generated mammalian cell-derived biosimilars. Today, they are produced for the market and for clinical trials. Now, we can present an even further improved variant: our so-called biobetters.


  • In-depth experience with a broad range of biosimilars
  • Technology and media for biosimilar and product feature adjustment
  • Improving biologics to create biobetters
  • Royalty-free technologies


ProBioGen: your top choice for biosimilars

Besides a whole range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave biosimilar antibodies, we have successfully developed cell lines for recombinant proteins, such as Factor VIII, Factor VIIa, Interferon beta 1a, and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), including all relevant analytics, and (cell-based) potency assays. These biosimilars are already on the market or in various stages of clinical trials.

With our technology platform, we are uniquely positioned to adjust originator product characteristics (even if originally not CHO cell-based) through the combination of

  • Different CHO hosts cells
  • Clone selection strategy (best match of desired product quality, productivity and large-scale manufacturability)
  • Our upstream process development expertise together with our chemically defined media platform to further adjust glycan-profiles
  • Our genetic glycan-adjustment technologies to fine-tune the content of fucose, galactose and sialic acid and to overcome media and process adjustment limitations.

Crucial biochemical analytics, cell-based activity assays, and a robust development process are the pillars of success for our wide range of biosimilar antibodies and recombinant proteins.


Ramp up your biosimilar to become even biobetter:

Your biosimilar may be a solid performer, but why not take it to even greater heights? We combine our biologics know-how with innovative technologies to modify a protein:

  • GlymaxX® ADCC enhancement
  • Genetic glyco-engineering/adjustment
  • DirectedLuckTM Transposase with Epigenetic Targeting

Pilot studies for such technologies are available, please ask us!