DirectedLuck Transposase: A Clever Solution for Highest Expression Levels of Your Molecule!

Typically, cell line development relies on the integration of transgenes in a random fashion. Best integration events occur as a matter of LUCK and winning clones are identified in extensive screens. Sequence-optimized Transposases mediate integration of desired expression units at multiple open sites and are known to facilitate cell line generation in many ways.

ProBioGen’s Transposase builds on this principle but it is uniquely enabled to read specific chromatin marks signaling highest transcriptional activity. Indeed, foreign genes are DIRECTED to a multitude of such sites where they still insert randomly allowing optimal transcript levels for the protein to be expressed. The result is an unparalleled consistency of clone pools with highest productivity that translates into superior producer clones with exceptional expression stability and a fast, robust development process. Because clone pools are highly representative for the clone to be selected later on, they can be used to manufacture material for development of a purification process, for formulation and formal toxicity studies, reducing overall timelines to the clinic.

The DirectedLuck Transposase is compatible with additional genetic elements in standard expression vector design and can be used with standard host cell lines.

DirectedLuck is applied

  • At ProBioGen for client’s projects
  • For your recombinant proteins, mAbs, multi-specific mAbs etc.
  • For gene delivery of gene therapy projects


  • Royalty- & milestone-free for client’s projects at ProBioGen
  • Quick generation of highly homogenous & stable clone pools
  • Pools are highly representative to later clones
  • High expression for best protein titer
  • Easy application in your lab, independent of the host cell line
  • Superior heterodimer rates for bi-specific mAbs
ProBioGen’s transposase with epigenetic targeting
Figure: ProBioGen’s Transposase binds to specific epigenetic histone marks characteristics for highly active genome regions. Omitting the plasmid backbone, multiple transposable elements carrying the transgene cassette are specifically inserted resulting in highly stable and high expressing clones.