Lenti.RiGHT® – Your Shortcut to Successful Lentivirus Manufacturing

Lentiviral vectors dominate the generation of the CAR-T cells. Lentivirus production is also the main cost-driver for CAR-T cell-based gene therapy. The production of the lentiviruses is typically based on transient transfection where 4 GMP-grade bacterial plasmids have to be manufactured and co-introduced at bioreactor scale. The whole process is complex, not very robust and difficult to scale.

Our Lenti.RiGHT® platform is a new standard for efficient large-scale lentivirus production for CAR-T manufacturing. It allows for compatible timelines to standard transient transfection strategies with more security for commercialization of the product.

Our lentivirus (LV) production platform is based on HEK293 packaging cells stably transfected with all necessary viral components. It enables an inducible, scalable and efficient production of high-titer lentiviral particles for gene transfer applications.

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