From Lab to Market: Our Process Development Takes Your Protein to The Next Level

You are looking for a robust manufacturing process for your antibody, enzyme or other glycoprotein that is reliably reproducible, scalable, and economical. You expect extraordinary productivity, efficiency and quality. Our upstream- and downstream process development delivers on that – and more. Having delivered a wide range of even demanding recombinant proteins, our team is looking forward to taking your product to new levels.

To make our process cost-effective and easily reproducible, we use only commercially available materials. Initially, we are starting on our proprietary chemically defined (CD) Media Platform, built for optimal productivities and titers. If required, it supports the adjustment of certain desired product characteristics. We can reduce development times by employing the ambr® micro-bioreactor system to select a high number of clones under optimized upstream process parameters. Finally, we use fully controlled bench‑top bioreactors of increasing scales (see GMP Production Cell Lines). Our down-stream process (DSP) platform processes are tested early on in cell line development to shorten overall timelines, and of course our virus removal and inactivation practices comply with stringent regulations.

Think of our process as an open source concept, with utmost transparency and valid controls at every step. We are a trusted partner from prototyping to successful transition into high-volume 3rd party facilities.


  • Integrated process development
  • High titers
  • Full scalability
  • Robust and economic processes
  • Open source concept
  • Cost-effective commercially available materials
  • Disposable equipment to avoid cross-contamination