Breaking Through to New Levels of Productivity with Our Pathway Modulator

If the productivity of your established cell line is unsatisfactory or the demand of your biopharmaceutical product increases with new indications, the remedy options are limited. Typically, an entirely new cell line would be created, with unavoidable financial and timely disadvantages. We have developed a solution that protects your investment: A permanent genetic modification with the transfected Pathway Modulator.

ProBioGen has identified the Cdc42 enzyme (Pathway Modulator) as a key player of multiple cellular and transgene related pathways. The concerted action of the Pathway Modulator repeatedly enhances cell-specific productivities and significantly increases the titers of multiple different antibodies & glycoproteins. The Modulator addresses several potential productivity- and growth-impacting bottlenecks at once. It can be applied to individual cell lines or entire expression platforms. Substantial yield improvements were achieved in CHO DG44, CHO-K1, and CHO-S background.

Our Pathway Modulator is effective independently of the strategy for cell line development applied. All approaches result in a yield-enhanced final producer clone.


  • Applicable to new and pre-existing producer cells
  • Applicable to even entire expression platforms
  • Rapid results within 10 weeks
  • Highly Flexible
  • Royalty-free