Unique MVA Platform for Top Efficiency:
We Will Boost Your Vectored Vaccine

We generate your custom vaccine vector - based on either traditional Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) or, for premium productivity and performance, on our unique strain MVA-CR19. We also manufacture to highest titers and purify your MVA by applying highly effective methods to deplete contaminating cellular DNA. Clean, highly productive, stable, and potent – the perfect foundation for premium drug efficiency.

MVA is a highly attenuated vaccinia virus strain commonly used as a vaccine vector with superior performance in prime-boost vaccine strategies. No longer able to replicate in human cells, MVA has a unique safety profile, but requires high vaccine doses. To overcome this challenge, ProBioGen has generated a high-performance production platform for recombinant MVA design and production with strong competitive advantages in productivity, safety, and scalability. Instead of using conventional chicken embryonic fibroblasts (CEF), it is built on the immortal AGE1.CR PIX® duck cell line and on tailored chemically-defined media.

Our suspension production process in disposable stir-tank bioreactors is robust and fully scalable. The platform ensures efficient cell disintegration and virus release and uses a chromatography-based purification process. As a result, host DNA levels remain below accepted limits. We can custom-manufacture or out-license the cell line and the process, which is easily transferable.

Our MVA-vector design allows incorporation of multiple transgenes, provides early high level expression and superior stability. Driven by defined modifications our strain MVA-CR19 provides additional benefits with respect to productivity and potency.


  • Highest industry titers
  • No primary cells as a potential source of adventitious agents
  • Cell line-based production starting from a Master Cell Bank
  • Vectors delivered with confirmed stability
  • Closed process relying on disposables
  • Robust and easily transferable

Please get in touch with us to discuss your MVA development/ manufacturing project or a technology license.