Taking Virus Production Beyond Current Constraints to Industrial Scale

You want to overcome the historic way to manufacture viral vaccines on embryonated chicken eggs or on finite cultures of primary avian and mammalian origin. You want to avoid challenges in supply and scalability, variable performance, and increasing costs for source material and extensive safety testing. You are looking for a modern serum-free process avoiding traditional, technically demanding production which typically relies on roller flasks, cell trays or microcarriers. You want to focus on your vaccine instead of additional challenges like serum availability, costs and testing requirements.

To meet your needs and to overcome typical limitations, ProBioGen offers unique solutions. ProBioGen has generated a scalable and flexible production process for human and veterinary vaccines. Such a modern production process consists of specialized cell lines (see Virus Production Cell Lines), chemically defined media for single cell suspension culture and robust bioreactor processes tailored to the individual cell line. A broad spectrum of cell lines adapted to chemically defined media including  AGE1.CR®, AGE1.HN®, MDCK, BHK, PK-15, ST, and Vero cell lines is available at ProBioGen.

For viruses requiring cell-cell contact for efficient replication, combinations of media are applied to induce cell aggregates of appropriate sizes. Special expertise in avian viruses and gene therapy vectors (AAV, Lenti-; Adenovirus) and in generating specialized packaging cell lines complements our service portfolio. By applying ideal media-cell combinations, modulating cellular pathways, and determining suitable process conditions we develop the most optimal production process for your virus or defective viral vector either carrier free in stir tank- or in fixed-bed bioreactors.

Gene-therapy, research or vaccination – whichever area you work in, you need an experienced partner for your virus production. We set up a tailored process for every type.


  • Unique expression platform for best solutions
  • Full process transfer to client/third party